Societal revelation to all kinds of violence is much more frequent than previous decades due to news broadcasts, movies, video games, television, and books that portray violence vividly. All organizations are vulnerable to workplace violence and this formed the basis for the researcher to carry out a study on physical violence on the service quality of employees in Turkana County. The purpose of this study was to establish the effect of physical violence at workplace on the service quality of employees of the County Government of Turkana County. This study was anchored on the Cognitive Adaptation Theory. The study employed a descriptive survey and correlation designs. The study targeted 2,714 respondents from the ten (10) executive departments of County Government of Turkana as at May 2018. The sampling techniques used were stratified random sampling, simple random sampling and proportionate sampling. A sample size of 349 respondents was obtained from a target population of 2,714 respondents. The questionnaires were the main data collection instruments. These research instruments were tested for both validity and reliability and were found valid and reliable. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS version 22 where descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The study concluded that physical violence at the work place negatively impacts on service quality of employees and the levels of employees incivility affected the levels of productivity at the work place. The study therefore recommended that the Turkana County Government should initiate a psychoeducation on the importance of having good mental health at the work place in order to promote productivity and boost employee’s mental health. Secondly supervisors at the various work places in the County Government of Turkana should address the issue of employee work load.