Sugar Manufacturing firms in Kenya are recently experiencing a decrease in productivity and the future of the sugar firms seems dingy. The purpose of this study was to assess how group potency affects employee job satisfaction in sugar manufacturing firms in Kenya. The study adopted descriptive and correlational survey designs. The simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used. The research instruments were tested through the test re-tests method and reliability analysis which gave a Cronbach alpha value of 0.833. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics and regression analysis. The following were the study findings: regression analysis conducted on the effect of group potency and employee job satisfaction revealed a positive and significant correlation between these two variables, (r = 0.213, b = 0.1804, t = 2.067, p<0.05)). It Original Research Article Wanyama et al.; JEMT, 23(3): 1-12, 2019; Article no.JEMT.24247 2 was recommended that the Human Resource Department should develop and maintain teamwork through capacity building to realise optimal employee productivity. It is hoped that the results would add knowledge and contribute to theory development critical for academia and policy makers in the sugar sector in particular Kenya. Research Link